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LEADING WITH AUTHENTICITY: This workshop has been designed for organizations and companies wishing to develop the proficiencies and talents of their established or emerging leaders. During the workshop the participants are lead through a series of creative, fun but also reflective exercises, allowing them to take a deep dive into the qualities and competencies that can support their own authentic leadership style.

LEADING THROUGH CHANGE: One to one coaching has been designed for senior executives wishing to implement the outcomes from the 'Leading with Authenticity' workshop or as standalone one to one coaching to support them with leadership, change, development and growth of their organization.

BESPOKE ONE TO ONE COACHING & GROUP WORKSHOPS: Are also available to suit the client's specific needs and requirements.

'We recently had Ayo Smith as a facilitator in the Leadership Essentials 2017 Synthesis session. She facilitated a segment 'Empowering Your Leadership' which was terrific!  Ayo is so warm and engaging- every member of the class was fully present.'

Lori Fuchs Consultant Program Manager at Loyola University.

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