Ayo Smith
 Ayo Smith

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'We recently had Ayo Smith as a facilitator in the Leadership Essentials 2017 Synthesis session. She facilitated a segment 'Empowering Your Leadership' which was terrific! Ayo is so warm and engaging-every member of the class was fully present.'

Lori Fuchs - Consultant Program Manager at Loyola University.


'Ayo is extremely helpful in keeping her clients on track to create the kind of business and life they want to have. She is an incredible coach, who provides the perfect balance of support, challenging questions and vision to help you create success in your life.' 

Jesse Giunta - Psychotherapist & Success Coach.


'I had the good fortune of being paired with Ayo as my coach through Howard County's Leadership Essentials in 2016. During the 8 months we worked together, I moved 3 times, switched jobs, and experienced several significant family changes. Suffice it to say, this was a period of major transition. 


As a newcomer to the world of coaching, I did not know what to expect. Ayo was a source of great strength and stability during a very uncertain time. Through our work together, she helped me identify both causes of stress and opportunities for growth. What was so useful and refreshing about Ayo is she could help guide me through a very big concept such as moving or starting a business, and break it down into manageable small goals. Ayo had a very kind and gentle way of keeping me accountable. Her insights and follow through are superb.

Through reflections and goal setting, Ayo helped me transition with more grace and a positive attitude than I anticipated possible. For anyone seeking change or guidance in their personal or professional life, I cannot recommend Ayo enough. She empowers her clients to be brave and bold while facing challenges. Though our sessions have ended, I often refer back to notes we created together or skills she taught me. I am grateful to have worked with Ayo!'

Elizabeth Davis - Director of Program Operation​s at Loyola University.

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